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Strathcona – One of the City’s Earliest Neighbourhoods

Strathcona is one of this city’s earliest neighborhoods. It started out of the collection of shacks and small buildings that encircled the Hastings Mill site. Stretching from Great Northern Way to Hastings Street and from Clark Drive to Main Street , Strathcona is an unique mix of people, chronicle of events, land use and design of buildings. It is a neighborhood of houses, apartment buildings and rooming houses where fellow Strathconians walk to the corner store, do tai chi in the parks or toddle in the community garden. Strathcona is a district that has been driven to survive, in spite of constant pressure for change. Today it features beautifully restored row houses, flower gardens, and welcoming porches.
Average home price $485K is 1080 sq ft, has 2 bedrooms, and 1.5 bathrooms. Most homes were built in 1998. Average monthly rent for 1 bedroom is $900 .